My First Post…

So, as I stated in my “About Me”, I am challenging myself to a book project and corresponding blog. Really, this was inspired by Allie at A Literary Odyssey:
Thanks, Allie!
I am going to be choosing a list of “classic literature” to begin reading. My reading list will contain many (of what I consider to be) standard classic titles along with some children’s literature classics as well as a few more contemporary selections that may be our future classics. The blog will follow this reading project; however, since I also plan to continue to read outside of my list now and then (such as books from the biography and memoir genre that I love), from time to time the blog will comment on other reading and perhaps life in general.


4 thoughts on “My First Post…

  1. Great project! I'm really looking forward to your thoughts– and I'm glad to hear you plan to read outside the list a little bit. I see you're currently reading Little Women which is one of my favorites that I need to revisit. You're also reading Anne Frank, which I've never read but would really like to!

  2. Thanks, Allie and Ash, for taking the time to be the first to comment on my new little blog! I have been following you both for probably almost a year now and look forward to more great insight!

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