Checkin In … You Don’t Want to Miss This …

A lot has been going on this week. After returning home Tuesday from a hospital stay due to some Crohn’s issues, I have been busy reading Vanity Fair like a maniac in order to finish by June 30th for Allie’s read-along. I have about 200 pages to go. My first post for the read-along can be found here. I also spent a portion of the week helping Alexa study for finals, but now she is officially done with school!

This week I also stumbled on some great book related finds online. First, the awesome Literary Give-Away Blog Hop! Until June 29th, you have the opportunity to check out over 70 great blogs that are also offering book give-aways in the literary fiction genre. There are some great classic selections up for grabs!! Click on the button on the right to get started. If I had known about this in time, I would have participated, but since I didn’t, I am going to be participating in another Give-Away Hop in July: The Freedom Give-Away Hop. This one has over 200 blogs participating with a more varied selection of book genres. I will have two “classic” selections up for grabs for one lucky winner, so be sure to check back here on July 1st! And, if you are interested in participating, you still have until tomorrow to sign up! I think it would be great if we could get some more classic selections in the mix! Just click on the button on the left to be re-directed to the site for sign-up.

Finally, I wanted to share that The Classics Circuit will be starting a John Steinbeck tour in July! I plan to participate in this and hope you do too. Just click on the button below for more info. Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!


4 thoughts on “Checkin In … You Don’t Want to Miss This …

  1. I’m glad to hear you’re home from the hospital. I hope you’re doing better.

    Good luck with Vanity Fair. I haven’t read it, but I’ve heard great things.

    I can’t wait until the Steinbeck classics circuit. He’s one of my favorite authors!

    • Thanks, Kristi! 🙂 I am excited to hear you will be participating on the Steinbeck tour with me. What will you be reading?

  2. I signed up to do Cannery Row. I have a family connection to that area and time period, and I’ve never read it. Which book did you choose?

    • The only Steinbeck I have read is Of Mice and Men and East of Eden. OMAM was in high school and I remember crying…one of the first, but certainly not the last, times a book brought me to tears. I read EOE a few years ago and LOVED it. So…now I am going to try Grapes of Wrath.

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