Checkin In…after Checkin Out…

One would think that I would have been doing a lot of reading while sitting around pregnant, but the opposite has been true. First it was the nausea that kept me from reading. Once that had finally passed, it seemed like a pregnancy fog set in. I have been unable to focus on anything for any extended period of time, including reading. I am restless. I have little patience. At times, I tried to ease back into the classics by first reading some “lighter” contemporary selections, but these books were simply unsatisfying. Have any of you found that the classics have in some way ruined you for most contemporary fiction? Not all, but most?

I did continue to browse all of your blogs, so even though I have not been present I feel as though I was never really gone. I even found some new blogs to follow and have updated my blogroll. My twins (a boy and a girl!!) will be arriving within the next 18 days. I am excited. I am nervous. I am looking forward to perhaps feeling more like myself in the upcoming weeks and months as I shed the cloak of pregnancy. I am hoping to fit in some reading and blogging in between changing, feeding, changing, feeding, playing, and loving.

With this in mind, I have joined Jillian’s Classics Club along with Allie’s Victorian Celebration as a sort of motivation to get back to my “classics” reading project. For the Classics Club I am committed to trying to finish the (about) 60 titles I have left on my project list over the next 5 years. Of course, I may add to or change that list at any time. I have not yet made my final selections for the Victorian Celebration in June and July, but I am thinking about Wuthering Heights and a Dickens selection…Great Expectations or Bleak House?

When the big day arrives, I will be sure to share the news. In the meantime, happy reading friends!


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