Sassy Lady Writers Make Me Smile…

I am kind of obsessed with exploring the lives and writing of some really cool ladies. Sylvia Plath tops that list right now and I actually have an entire Plath reading list here on the blog. I lovingly refer to this as The Plath Project. However, there are other ladies that I think are cool as hell and really interest me: Edna St. Vincent Millay, Anne Sexton, Shirley Jackson, Doris Lessing, Zelda Fitzgerald, and Dorothy Parker. It is sort of odd that some of these are poets since I am not a huge poetry fan … mostly because I understand very little about poetry in general. Anyway, I am going to be reading a biography about each of these women along with some of their work. I think Dorothy Parker may pull ahead as a favorite due to her amazing wit. Are any of these ladies among your favorites?


Anne Sexton
1928 – 1974

Zelda (and Scott)Fitzgerald 1900-1948

Zelda (and Scott)Fitzgerald

Edna St. Vincent Millay 1892-1950

Edna St. Vincent Millay

Shirley Jackson 1916-1965

Shirley Jackson

Doris Lessing 1919

Doris Lessing

Dorothy Parker 1893-1967

Dorothy Parker



2 thoughts on “Sassy Lady Writers Make Me Smile…

  1. For years I was obsessed with the same women. Most of them are really crazy and I’m glad I didn’t know them in person as they weren’t very nice people. But they still really interest me 😉 I was just thinking the other day about the similarities between Shirley Jackson and Sylvia Plath in the way their minds worked. I’m a huge fan of the writing of both.

  2. I have JUST discovered Jackson, due to the nudging of a fellow blogger, and am hooked, but probably I have to say Lessing is the one for me. HUGELY difficult in many ways, but i think personally, one of the most influential writiers, The Golden Notebook is/was phenomenal, and her Canopus In Argos really opened my eyes to a genre I had previously dismissed as about ‘boys with ray-guns’ I think her view on politics, ethics, feminism, art and creativity, psychology, sanity and madness, personal and transpersonal relationship, is extraordinary. Sure, she doesn’t have a particularly light or witty touch, but she is definitely for me, one of those prophetic writers who see the way the wind is blowing, and is actually in front of it!

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