A Glance at 2013…

I managed to read 22 books this year … over 7,700 pages. This might not seem like a very respectable number to some of you, but considering I am in the midst of raising toddler twins and a teenager, I consider it a win. I didn’t accomplish much as far as my “classics” and related projects are concerned, but I feel like I stepped outside of my box as a reader and that was just as valuable an experience. Some highlights:

1. I discovered that although I love to make reading plans and lists, I cannot stick to them because I am too often drawn to a book not on my list. And so, I only read 5 of the 12 books on my 2013 TBR Pile Challenge List (hosted by Adam at Roof Beam Reader). I seem to be more suited for the random read along rather than the more structured challenges.

2. I read and enjoyed my first graphic novel … The Complete Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi.

3. I read some great YA titles like Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell and The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. Perks was so good I actually read it twice this year!

4. I dipped into the “Jazz Age” with books like Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and Tender is the Night along with Call Me Zelda by Erika Robuck and Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler. I discovered I am fascinated by Zelda Fitzgerald. Tender is the Night comes in as my least favorite book of 2013, but The Great Gatsby was a different story. Although I wasn’t necessarily blown away at first, I still find myself thinking about that novel … it sort of haunts me. It becomes greater and greater in my mind as time goes on and I will probably re-read it at some point.

5. I re-read A Prayer For Owen Meany by John Irving. And this, my friends, is of course my favorite book of 2013. If you haven’t read it, you must. It can be slow in places, but it is so, so worth it in the end. There is no other character in literature like OWEN MEANY! He will get into your head. He will make you feel things that you weren’t expecting. He will stay with you for weeks and months to come.

6. I started Rowling’s Harry Potter series for the first time. I understand I may be the only book nerd left on earth who has not read this series, but I had some sort of unexplainable aversion to these books for as long as I can remember. And then, after all these years, they called to me for some reason and I am really enjoying it so far. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban will be seeing me into the new year.

Cheers to 2014!

One thought on “A Glance at 2013…

  1. Sounds like you still had a very successful year even if you didn’t read a lot of book from your list. I think the most important thing is you were reading and enjoyed the books. Guess what? I haven’t read the Harry Potter series at all. I tried, but couldn’t get into the first book. However, I love the movies! What to you think you’ll read first in 2014?

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