A Give Away: Shirley Jackson: A Novel by Susan Scarf Merrell


And the randomly drawn winner is Jennifer! Thanks to all for commenting and playing!

The lovely folks at Blue Rider Press sent me an extra copy of Shirley: A Novel which is a fictional account of one couple’s adventure living with the author Shirley Jackson and her family in 1964. I am reading this psychological thriller right now and a review will be up shortly. In the mean time, if you are interested in winning a copy for yourself just comment below and tell me if you’ve read any Jackson and what your favorite is. I will draw a random winner Sunday June 8th.


4 thoughts on “A Give Away: Shirley Jackson: A Novel by Susan Scarf Merrell

    • That was my first Jackson too and I loved it! I recently purchased The Haunting of Hill House and Hangsaman.The ever growing TBR…

  1. The Lottery was the first truly profound adult story I remember reading; it showed me the power of prose to unsettle and make one question societal structure.
    I am very excited to read SSMerrell’s treatment, and interested to see your review….

  2. I think my favorite Shirley Jackson book is a tie: I love RAISING DEMONS and LIFE AMONG THE SAVAGES. And I can hardly wait to read this novel by Susan Scarf Merrell. I’ve already ordered the novel by Amazon but it sounds so terrific I’d love a copy to give to a friend!

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