Shut Up and Read.

I love the book community I have discovered over the last few years via blogging and Twitter. These are my people. But, sometimes I wonder: Do we spend too much time debating bookish “hot topics” instead of actually reading?

You prefer to read ebooks? Ok. You still prefer paper? Ok. You have access to an Indie book store? Great. You live in East Jesus with no book store access and order from Amazon? Great. Who cares! You use your local library? Great. You chose to review ARCs? Wonderful. You don’t? Ok too. You read YA as an adult? Cool. You read works written by women? Awesome. You seek diversity in your reading? Wonderful. You read old dead white guys? Cool. Comics? Awesome. Russian history? Ok.

My point is none of it really matters as long as you are reading. And you are reading. People are reading all the time. The novel isn’t dead. (And really how could it be since it was never a living thing to begin with.) Reading isn’t dead. It never will be … as long as we all remember to sometimes just shut up and read! 😉

2 thoughts on “Shut Up and Read.

  1. Exactly! Doesn’t matter what any of us are reading as long as we read. That’s why I get frustrated with school AR reading requirements. Can’t we just be happy with what kids are reading rather than what level they are reading? Our kids score high and sometimes it is hard to find books in their level that are appropriate for their age. So many great books but they can’t get credit for reading them because below their level. Anyway, yes….just READ!!

    • Here in New York, so much emphasis is being placed on recent Common Core changes and state testing that a simple love of books and reading is becoming very difficult to foster in our kids. 😦

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