Landline by Rainbow Rowell & a Giveaway…


I read and enjoyed Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl and Attachments and LOVED Eleanor and Park, so I was pretty excited to read Landline. I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy for review from the folks at St. Martin’s Press.

Landline is essentially a story about reconnection … Georgie McCool needs to reconnect to herself and her husband, Neal. Not to mention her literally reconnecting to the past via plugging an old yellow rotary phone into the wall. Growing up I lived with my Grandma. The only phone in the house was a yellow rotary on the kitchen wall. It was complete with an extremely stretched out cord from trying to seek a bit of privacy in the livingroom. Rainbow Rowell is a master at using pop culture references (the phone itself for example), no matter the decade, to evoke nostalgia in her readers. Parts of Landline take us back to the college culture of the late 90s which I loved because I attended college from 1993 – 1997.

Georgie loves Neal. Neal loves Georgie. Love has never really been the issue, but the question is: Is love enough? I know I have wondered this in my own marriage at times. Haven’t we all? We can become so caught up in the tasks of living. We are stressed and tired at the end of the day. When do we take time to really connect to our partners? How do we become so intricately entangled yet perhaps so lost from each other? “You don’t know when you’re twenty-three. You don’t know what it really means to crawl into someone else’s life and stay there. You can’t see all the ways you’re going to get tangled, how you’re going to bond skin to skin. How the idea of separating will feel in five years, in ten…in fifteen. When Georgie thought about divorce now, she imagined lying side by side with Neal on two operating tables while a team of doctors tried to unthread their vascular systems.” Is love or compatability more important?

Although Landline didn’t give me the exact swoons that Eleanor and Park did, it is now my second favorite Rowell novel. What I wouldn’t give to have the opportunity to call the past. If you had a “magic” yellow phone, a portal to the past, who would you call and why? Comment with your answer below and you could win a copy of Landline for yourself!

4 thoughts on “Landline by Rainbow Rowell & a Giveaway…

  1. There are so many I would call. I never knew my grandma as she died when my mom was 17. I lost 2 of my best friends in college. I’d love to hear them laugh again. I could go on and on,but those are the three that stand out most to me.

  2. Thank goodness, I don’t have a dead friend or family whom I want to be in touch with. But I’ll probably call one of my Uncles (mum’s brother)… to tell him not to ever cheat on his wife. I’d like to talk to the 7-years-ago-him and talk him out of the thought of cheating and breaking his family into pieces. It’s been years, but my aunt is still moving on (hardly). And their kid, who now lives with my grandparents has been having insecurities with herself. The break-up affected her immensely. And so as older cousins (we actually treat each other like sisters), we make sure that we hold her tight and make her feel loved. When I read Landline, it was all I was thinking about. If ever I win, I’ll give the book to this cousin of mine or read it to her, whichever. Thanks for the giveaway!! 🙂

  3. Hmmm…I’d probably try to call my best friend from high school, before we got in a huge fight after her wedding day. It’s been 9 years since the wedding and we are still working to repair the damage to our friendship. Just a little bit better communication could have avoided all of it! Ah, magic phone, what a great idea. lol.

  4. I would probably call my best friend from high school before the major fight we had after her wedding day. It’s been 9 years and we are still working to repair the damage of that fight! A little magic phone would do us good. Haha. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂 thewellreadredhead at gmail dot com

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